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The first Concur AppPort is a unique airport-inspired space designed specifically for developers and serve as a collaborative, innovative hub within the SAP Concur Prague office.

The Concur AppPort office is 700 square meters large and has the capacity up to 65 developers.


The whole space is designed as an airport including a lit runway, relaxing zones that look like airplane cabins, airport containers for storage, hangar for building hardware/software tools, a control tower as the head office, and a quiet zone for developers called the coding depot.

Check this video to see how was App Port built

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What We Offer


Various space for up to 70 people


From finger food to real dinner


Projector and Sound system, Wi-Fi connection


Always someone who is happy to help you

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The perfect place for dev gatherings, demo nights, speaker
panels, launch parties and creative brainstorming.


Bucharova 2817/11
158 00 Praha 5


+420 734 527 274
Mei Malkova, Community Manager



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