About Us

In 2017, Concur opened its first AppPort office space, a unique airport-inspired space designed specifically for developers. 

The AppPort office space is located within the Concur Prague office in Metronom Business Center, one of the most modern office complexes in Prague. The AppPort office space is similar to SAP App Haus offices and will serve as a collaborative, innovative hub. 

The design process consisted of a series of workshops that was attended not only by the heads of the local company and facility team, but also by employees  who could share their ideas and requirements. The Concur AppPort office is 700 square meters large and has the capacity of 65 developers. The whole space is designed as an airport including a lit runway, relaxing zones that look like airplane cabins, airport containers for storage, hangar for building hardware/software tools, a control tower as the head office, and a quiet zone for developers called the coding depot.

We make Apps fly.

Meet our team

Jake Ringler


He is the holder of a real pilot license. 

Mei Malkova

CAbin service

Her home is 10.817 km away from AppPort.

Vratislav Polak

first officer

He runs a team full of heads in clouds. 

Ondrej Fanta

flight engineer

Because he is the facility manager, that’s why.

Aneta Svancarova


She rather deep dive then fly height.


Est. 2017