Mobile Meet Up

Do you know that you can use Swift for something else than developing Apple products? I think you answer is yes. But if you want to know more and see Swift for non-Apple in action, then come to our meetup. This time our iOS experts are going to be talking about their experience with Swift for TensorFlow and Vapor for backend.


18:30 Door opens

18:45 Jan Krukowski: Swift for TensorFlow — gentle introduction

Swift for TensorFlow provides a new programming model that combines the performance of graphs with the flexibility and expressivity of eager execution, with a strong focus on improved usability at every level of the stack.

What does it mean for Swift developers?

Why this could be a future of programming languages?

Let’s run some TensorFlow in Swift and find out!

19:15 Break — Time to get coffee and snacks

19:30 Gabriele Palma: Sublimate — Full stack Swift fast prototyping using Vapor and Sourcery

Vapor is a framework based on Swift-NIO to build Swift-powered backend applications. Sourcery is a code generation tool based on Stencil to create Swift sources from templates. We shall combine the two to create an open source pet project to automagically create a full stack prototype with user authentication and data synchronization.

20:00 Time for networking

The meetup will be held on our tremendous floor known as AppPort ( Food and beverages will be served for all participants.