Junior Achievement Innovation Camp Spring 2021


What is the aim of the project?

The aim of the Innovation camp is to improve technical and professional skills of the young generation, in an interactive way, not only through mainstream education. 

Participating in our IC helps students escape from their daily routine, and offers them to improve skills needed in the real work environment, such as teamwork; presentation skill; creative thinking; time management or problem solving. In addition, the innovation camps run in English, so it helps participants to improve their language skills. 

During this 1 day event, groups of high school students under the guidance of our corporate mentors try to find a solution to a real problem, very often relevant to the current situation.

Our partnership JA Czech

Our project runs in cooperation with JA Czech. Their mission is to educate Czech youth so that they know the value of business, understand business and economics issues, and develop an ethical attitude to leadership to be well prepared for the world of work. 

Our partnership was established at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of increasing the technical and professional skills of high school students through events such as junior hackathons. With the transition to online, we decided to focus on ICs instead. 

IC overview

What are the Innovation camps?

  • A unique competition coming from the Junior Achievement European concept
  • Students take a part in a creating of a solution to actual problems in the field of innovation and technology.
  • The task is published only at the day of the competition. 
  • Each team will present its concept to the juries

What the students experience and learn: 

  • Take the problematics, problem solution                                          
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Work layout in time frame
  • Responsibility for oneself and for others
  • Creative thinking
  • Team work vs. individual work
  • Thinking in real work environment


  • The students should come up with new solution to a real problem.

Winning categories:

  • The absolute winner of IC 
  • The best presentation
  • The most creative idea
  • The best innovation

The winning team of each category is awarded prizes – electronics and SAP merch

The projects are be evaluated in the following areas: 

  • content of the solution
  • creativity and innovation of the solution
  • application of the solution
  • presentation of the solution



Please think about the current global situation. What innovative idea you would like to introduce to companies or learning institutions (all varieties of schools) in order to improve one of the below topics:

  • Interactive assessments (regular testing, final exams, job interview)


  • 6 teams of highschool students

Mentors (SAP employees)

  • Anna Janickova
  • Ahmed Toubar
  • Pablo Soria-Rojas
  • Jaroslav Pycha
  • Aneta Svancarova
  • Monica Dinu
  • Bartolomej Petruzelka
  • Viktor Vincze

Juries (SAP Employees)

  • Stela Koleva
  • Vratislav Polak
  • Tomas Meisner



  • Best Presentation – team Robopalach from Gymnazium Jana Palachal, Melnik
  • Best Creative Ides – team Hyperbola from Stredni prumyslova skola strojnicka, skola hlavniho mesta Prahy
  • Best Innovation – team Click-it from Obchodni akademie, stredni odborna skola a jazykova skola s pravem statni jazykove zkousky Hradec Kralove

Absolute winner – team Žárovky from OA a JŠ Písek with their virtual reality headsets which could be used for online learning in the future 

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